Enhancing Individual & Team Performance Through A Player-Driven Approach To Analysis

'Flipping' the analysis process and enabling players to view and analyze their own performance can have a significant impact on the speed and extent of individual player development. Engaging players more in their own learning in this way can enhance understanding and decision making and improve the retention of information and feedback. The attached articles appeared recently in Soccer Journal and detail the benefits associated with a player-driven approach and provide examples of coaches utilizing this process to enhance development within their respective programs.

Individual Development Plans

Guest Blogger Dan Bolas tells us why Individual Development Plans can be so powerful. If you know where you want to go and have a plan to get there it is more likely you will get to the right destination.

Using Video Analysis at Grassroots Level is the Way Ahead

Apart from practice itself, it is the quality of feedback that we provide for our players that is the single most important factor in determining the extent and speed of learning. This article outlines why integrating video and analysis technology can improve the quality of feedback that you provide for your young players, and in turn enhance the learning process.

Supporting Teacher Training in the USA

Our Focus video analysis software is now being used across the US in College and University Teacher Training programs. The technology can significantly improve the quality of feedback that the trainee teacher receives and impacts positively on the extent and rate of development.